Slanic Prahova accommodation
in Romania, at Casa Padurii pension,
hotel, restaurant and sports complex

"I spent a very nice week-end in this charming pension. The decoration, the comfort and the welcome are really warm and the area is great. "

Alexis, Agent immobilier (Paris - France)

Touristic Atttractions

Salt Mines

Slanic Prahova resort is very well known for its salt mines Salina Veche (Old Salt Mine) and Salina Noua (New Salt mine). At Salina Noua the salt extraction activity still continues, but at Salina Veche the mines are opened to general public for visiting. Also, the World Championships of Aircraft Modeling takes place annually in one of the large halls of Salina Veche.

Salt Lakes

The Salt Lakes are another well known tourists' attraction at Slanic Prahova. Baia Baciului (Sheperd Bath), Baia Rosie (Red Bath) and Lacul Verde (Green Lake) are salty lakes used also in different medical treatments due to its high concentration of salt.

Crasna's Monastery

Crasna is a locality near Slanic. You can reach Crasna Monastery after two to three hours walking through the villages of Grosani, Schiulesti and Valea Crasnei. You can return on the forest dirt road to Maneciu Ungureni.

Green Mountains

Muntele Verde (Green Mountain), also called Piatra Verde (The Green Rock) resulted from the geologic process of consolidation in time of the volcanic ashes in layers with plane surfaces perfectly developed.

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